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Gender news from around the world

  • 'When I have my period I'm not allowed to ? ': girls in Nepal share their photo diaries ? in pictures
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 28.05.2016
    To mark menstrual hygiene day on Saturday, WaterAid gave cameras to girls in the Sindhuli district in south-east Nepal to document the restrictions imposed on them during their period. From not being allowed to touch flowers or fruit, to having to eat away from their families and stay elsewhere, here are some of the images they took Continue reading...
  • A slave in Scotland: 'I fell into a trap ? and I couldn't get out'
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 28.05.2016
    Abul Azad left Bangladesh for a chef's job in London ? so how did he end up enslaved in a remote Scottish hotel?What's left of the Stewart hotel sits on a steep hill overlooking sheep-flecked fields, tumbling hedgerows and distant snow-capped mountains in Appin, west Scotland. Even in its prime, the 37-bedroom hotel would have been an eyesore, but now it's a wreck, the windows smashed, the roof collapsed by months of winter rain.Just a few years ago, hundreds of tourists passed through this hotel each summer, drawn by the natural beauty of the West Highlands. According to scathing reviews on TripAdvisor and other travel websites, the view was the only good thing about the hotel. Archived posts say the rooms were filthy, the taps broken, the food inedible. Many reviewers complain about the staff, describing them as overwhelmed, unskilled and incompetent. Continue reading...
  • Telling women to avoid pregnancy is not a solution for HIV and the Zika virus ' Susana Fried
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 28.05.2016
    To the development community on International Day of Action for Women's Health: don't curtail our rights by legitimising conservative religious ideologiesIt is widely recognised that, if the transformations outlined in the sustainable development goals (SDGs) are to be achieved, respecting, protecting and fulfilling the human rights of women and girls ? including their sexual and reproductive rights ? will be essential. Continue reading...
  • States seize opportunity to accelerate action on gender equality and womenâs empowerment in poorest countries
    UN Women – News 27.05.2016
    To strengthen the partnership and path to development for the worldâs 48 poorest countries, representatives from Governments, the UN system, civil society and the private sector are gathering in Antalya, Turkey from 27-29 May 2016, to undertake a Comprehensive High-level Midterm Review of the Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA) for the Least Developed Countries.
  • Zambian villagers win right to have pollution case heard in Britain
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 27.05.2016
    High court judge dismisses claims by mining firm Vedanta Resources that water contamination case against them and subsidiary KCM should be heard in Zambia Eighteen hundred Zambian villagers claiming to have had their water supplies polluted and their health affected by a giant mining company's subsidiary have won the right to have their case heard in the British courts rather than in Zambia.Vedanta, which is headquartered in London, had argued strongly in the high court that the villagers' case against them and their subsidiary, KCM, should be heard in Zambia, where the alleged pollution took place near the town of Chingola and the giant Nchanga copper mine. Continue reading...
  • 'It's like Florence Nightingale's time': South Sudan's public services collapse
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 27.05.2016
    From candlelit births to a lack of power and basic supplies, the desperate plight of South Sudan's largest public hospital is symptomatic of a countrywide crisisWednesday afternoon found Jeremiah Kuol pacing up and down the maternity ward of Juba teaching hospital, wondering whether his wife, Hannah Nyabok, would live or die.She had suffered a severe haemorrhage after giving birth the day before but, with South Sudan's largest public hospital facing a week-long power cut and a shortage of medicine, there seemed little hope of saving her life. Continue reading...
  • Promoting abstinence to prevent HIV doesn't stop risky sex, study says
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 27.05.2016
    Researchers who compared data including number of partners and teenage pregnancy rates say funds devoted to abstinence could be better spentPromoting abstinence as part of HIV prevention programmes in sub-Saharan Africa has failed to reduce risky sexual behaviour, a study has found. Some US-funded programmes, including the US president's emergency plan for Aids relief (Pepfar), promote abstinence from sex and faithfulness to one sexual partner as a way to prevent HIV transmission. Continue reading...
  • Smart cards not so clever as scepticism greets Darfur e-voucher scheme
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 27.05.2016
    Many Sudanese people displaced by fighting say that, with inflation driving price rises, a DfID-backed initiative to replace goods with e-cash is not workingThe UN World Food Programme is offering electronic vouchers instead of food aid to some displaced people in Sudan's Darfur region but, despite the success of vouchers elsewhere in Sudan, some Darfuri recipients claim the scheme leaves them worse off because high inflation keeps food prices rising.The initiative aims to help nearly 450,000 people in Darfur, about a quarter of the 1.8 million displaced people in the region. Some of the displaced not included in the voucher scheme will continue to receive food assistance. Continue reading...
  • Across the Philippines, Gawad Kalinga provides shelter from the storms ' Emma Howard
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 27.05.2016
    Founder Tony Maloto may hold some controversial views, but GK's 2,000 communities are helping alleviate poverty in a country in desperate needThe Sacred Heart of Jesus village, in the Philippines' Nueva Ecija province, is home to 17 families who live in colourful houses, each one edged by plants potted in bottles and plastic bags. A woman pokes her head out of a lime green house. "This is Gawad Kalinga," she says. "Welcome."Gawad Kalinga (GK) ? meaning "to give care" in Tagalog, the most common Filipino language ? is a social movement that emerged from a Catholic youth camp in Manila's slums more than 20 years ago. Galvanised by the destruction caused by typhoon Haiyan, which killed more than 6,300 people in 2013, the movement has become a household name. Continue reading...
  • WHO says military and militia hospital attacks claimed 959 lives in two years
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 26.05.2016
    World Health Organisation identifies Syria and Palestinian territories among areas worst hit by atrocities that have disrupted public health servicesNearly 1,000 people were killed in attacks on health centres worldwide over the past two years, almost 40% of them in Syria, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Thursday in its first report on what has become a growing issue.The UN agency documented 594 attacks resulting in 959 deaths and 1,561 injuries in 19 countries with emergencies between January 2014 and December 2015. Continue reading...
  • Ecuadorians tired of waiting for a cleanup of Guayaquil's filthy waters
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 26.05.2016
    A World Bank loan helped privatise sanitation in Ecuador's largest city, but some residents say they still lack clean water and claim the river is polluted with sewageThe waters flowing through Estero Salado, a river delta in Ecuador's largest city, Guayaquil, can be deceptive, even for those who have lived their entire lives alongside the filthy and meandering estuarine network."We know the water is not clean, but you build up a tolerance," says 21-year-old local activist Jasmanny Caicedo. Though he says he can take a dip without becoming ill most of the time, even Caicedo says he gets caught out on the "really bad pollution days". Continue reading...
  • The Last Face isn't the first aid drama to leave us needing emergency assistance ' Sam Jones
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 26.05.2016
    Hollywood and humanitarianism have long been strange bedfellows. After the caustic reaction to Sean Penn's The Last Face at Cannes last week, we run the rule over a selection of other movies that made a drama out of a crisisSean Penn's latest directorial effort, The Last Face, stars Charlize Theron and Javier Bardem as two doctors whose troubled relationship plays out against against the backdrop of wars in Liberia and South Sudan.When the film premiered at Cannes last week, the critics didn't so much sharpen their quills as line up in a firing squad to deliver a fusillade that left the Croisette spattered with blood, venom and one-star reviews. Continue reading...
  • Amnesty International in global programme to decriminalise sex work
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 25.05.2016
    Organisation calls for repeal of most laws around world controlling prostitution to protect human rights of sex workersAmnesty International has formally adopted a policy calling for the decriminalisation of adult sex work and repeal of most laws around the world controlling prostitution. Continue reading...
  • At WHS, participants vow to put women and girls at centre of decision-making
    UN Women – News 25.05.2016
    The first-ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) drew to a close on 24 May, after two days of historic discussions among global leaders from 173 countries, focused on how to respond more effectively and inclusively to major humanitarian crises and be better prepared to meet future challenges.
  • At WHS side event, participants call on global leaders to prioritize local womenâs groups in humanitarian response
    UN Women – News 25.05.2016
    On 23 May, the first day of the World Humanitarian Summit , UN Women Deputy Executive Director Yannick Glemarec co-hosted a side event on how to realize the commitments being made to gender equality and womenâs empowerment.
  • UN Women Executive Director presents UN commitments to embed gender equality in humanitarian response
    UN Women – News 25.05.2016
    Closing remarks from UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka at the World Humanitarian Summit Roundtable, Women and Girls: Catalyzing Action to Achieve Gender Equality, 24 May 2016 in Istanbul.
  • âSustainable development is not possible if feminization of poverty continuesâ â Lakshmi Puri
    UN Women – News 25.05.2016
    Remarks by UN Women Deputy Executive Director Lakshmi Puri at the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 W20 Meeting on 24 May, 2016.
  • Kenya tells UK to resettle Somali refugees living in Dadaab
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 25.05.2016
    Deputy president William Ruto affirms decision to close Kenya's camps and says western countries should take their share of refugees from east AfricaKenya says it plans to expel hundreds of thousands of refugees within six months, and argues the international community is partly to blame for leaving it to deal with so many refugees for so long. The deputy president, William Ruto, said it is now up to the developed world to mitigate the fallout, suggesting that other countries including the UK should resettle the refugees who could soon be kicked out of Kenya. Continue reading...
  • Children working in Indonesia's tobacco fields risk poisoning, says report
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 25.05.2016
    Human Rights Watch says that thousands of children continue to work in tobacco fields across the country, despite labour lawsChildren working in Indonesia's tobacco fields are being exposed to acute nicotine poisoning and serious safety hazards as child labour continues unabated in the industry according to a new report by Human Rights Watch.The world's fifth-largest tobacco producer, Indonesia has more than 500,000 tobacco fields feeding the national and international tobacco markets. While international and domestic laws prohibit minors from performing hazardous work, thousands of children continue to work in tobacco fields says Human Rights Watch, which interviewed 130 children about working conditions on small-scale farms across the country. Continue reading...
  • Gender inequality 'an insurmountable obstacle for many women'
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 24.05.2016
    UN population fund says lack of empowerment affects every aspect of life for women in the world's 48 least developed countriesMillions of women and girls in the world's poorest countries are being denied the opportunity to help drive development because of the "countless barriers" they still face in health, education and employment, a report warns.The study, by the UN population fund, UNFPA, says that while the 48 least developed countries (LDCs) have made considerable progress over the past few decades in reducing infant, child and maternal mortality, and increasing contraceptive use, gender inequality often remains an insurmountable obstacle. Continue reading...
  • Campaigners celebrate slavery prosecutions in Mauritania
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 24.05.2016
    Mauritania hints at progress on civil rights with convictions of two slave-owners and release of two anti-slavery activistsAnti-slavery campaigners in Mauritania say two court victories last week could be significant in the fight against the practice. In only the country's second prosecution for slavery ? and the first by a new court established alongside an anti-slavery law passed last year ? two slave-owners were sentenced to five years in prison, with one year to be served and four years suspended. Continue reading...
  • Faces of climate change ― the gender perspective

    Faces of climate change ― the gender perspective

    In recent years, farmers all over Uganda have experienced changes in climate. Extreme weather such as heavy rains, flooding, drought, landslides and unreliable seasons affect the livelihoods of the many families who live off the land. The changing conditions impact men and women differently and challenge the way they work together. Could revisiting the traditional gender roles be a part of the solution?

  • What is the United Nations University all about?

    What is the United Nations University all about?

    United Nations University – Agile and Adept: Marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations University in Japan, this video animation explains how the UNU is uniquely organized as an agile and adept think tank composed of a network of highly specialized institutes distributed across the globe.

  • Vigdís Finnbogadóttir patron of the UNU-GEST

    Vigdís Finnbogadóttir patron of the UNU-GEST

    Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, the former President of Iceland, was the first woman to be democratically elected President in the world. Women's rights, cultural diversity, the promotion of world peace and transnational dialogues have been running themes in Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir's work. She has also been an important advocate of equality and the empowerment of women.