• Calling for action towards SDG#5

    To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, the fellows and staff of UNU-GEST call for a variety of actions for gender equality and achieving the SDGs by 2030 more

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    UNU-GEST invites new nominations of candidates for Post-graduate Diploma in International Gender Studies spring semester 2019 Read more

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    This spring term, the joint lecture series by RIKK and UNU-GEST is up and running. Visit the programme of all upcoming events here

  • UNU’s Work on the SDGs

    On 22 January, UNU launched its Sustainable Development Explorer, a new campaign highlighting UNU’s work to support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) more

  • Newly published evaluation report

    Impressive results for UNU-GEST at all levels. Read about micro-, meso- and macro level results, relevance, effectiveness and much more more

Gender news from around the world

  • 'Deals with the devil always unravel': the UK blind spot for Sudan's abuses ' Rebecca Lowe
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 24.04.2018
    Britain and the EU are under fire for engaging with a nation with one of the world's worst human rights records ? all in the name of stemming migration When Amjed Farid was transferred to a small cell in Kober prison on 5 April, he had a sense of deja vu. "I suddenly realised it was the same one I'd been in five years before," he says. "It brought back some unpleasant memories. I spent a month in solitary, and had hoped I'd never have to see the place again."Farid was one of hundreds imprisoned in Sudan in January following peaceful protests against government austerity measures. While some were released after a few weeks, dozens were detained for nearly three months without charge, including British citizen Sidqi Kaballo. Many were kept in a bitterly cold security centre in Khartoum notorious for interrogations and torture, dubbed "the Hotel" by officials. Continue reading...
  • India's death penalty for rapists of young girls could push them to kill ' Rituparna Chatterjee
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 24.04.2018
    With the majority of rapes committed by someone known to the victim, the new law could drive offenders to murder to avoid detectionOn Saturday India's government approved the death penalty for convicted rapists of girls under the age of 12, amid a groundswell of public outrage following the gang-rape and murder of an eight-year-old Muslim girl in Jammu and Kashmir state. The shocking case involved a girl from the Bakarwal nomadic tribe, who was out grazing her horses when she was abducted, drugged and murdered after a week of torture and repeated rape. It led to a nationwide outcry for swifter justice. Continue reading...
  • Rana plaza, five years on: safety of workers hangs in balance in Bangladesh ' Michael Safi and Dominic Rushe
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 24.04.2018
    Progress has been made but fire safety initiatives are soon to end, unions are being stifled and wages are still the lowest in the worldFive years ago, Asma Khatun pushed through the crowds that had formed around the Rana Plaza building, determined to see the destruction with her own eyes.Deep cracks had appeared in the eight-storey building outside Dhaka the day before. That morning, workers who had been producing clothes sourced by major international brands had begged not to be sent inside. Managers would not relent. More than 2,000 people filed in. Some time before 9am, floors began to vanish and workers started falling. Continue reading...
  • 'Culture is power': the Colombian sex workers who launched a newspaper ' Steven Grattan
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 23.04.2018
    In a Bogotá district where violence often dominates headlines, the paper La Esquina is flying off the shelves, covering everything from recipes to plastic surgery tipsIn the streets of Bogotá's infamous red light district, something new and colourful has begun appearing, pasted up between the graffiti on the walls. Monica Quiroz, biting off strips of thick adhesive tape, is sticking up the laminated, fluorescent pages of this month's edition of a newspaper written for and by local sex workers. Continue reading...
  • With 250 babies born each minute, how many people can the Earth sustain? ' Lucy Lamble
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 23.04.2018
    UN data suggests that the world's population will hit 11 billion by 2100, with the fastest rises being recorded in Africa and AsiaHow many people are there in the world?We don't know for sure as all figures are estimates, but UN data suggests there were about a billion people in 1800, 2 billion in 1927, 5 billion in 1987 and just over 7.5 billion today. Continue reading...
  • 'Untouchable' Myanmar army under fire over torture and murder claims ' Joshua Carroll
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 20.04.2018
    A handful of recent convictions show troops are starting to be held to account, while the military are listed for the first time on a UN armed forces blacklistThe three young men went out to get firewood and never returned. Their families spent days worrying, then heard gunshots crackling in the distance. Hours later, they found the mutilated bodies, hastily buried five miles from their homes at the Maihkawng internal displacement camp in Myanmar's conflict-torn Kachin state. Continue reading...
  • 'Congo needs another voice': bloggers talk art, sex and football in DRC ' Peter Beaumont
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 20.04.2018
    Index on Censorship honours a young collective sharing their experiences on social media of life in a land plagued by violence, corruption and povertyIn the midst of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's dangerous political crisis, the main media outlets have split almost entirely into pro-government and pro-opposition camps, most concentrated in the capital, Kinshasa.Information has become as factionalised as politics, an echo chamber of competing narratives. Into that vacuum, however, a group of young Congolese bloggers has attempted to inject an alternative voice. Continue reading...
  • 'Tonight I'm going to die': the Iraqi women targeted by rapists
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 17.04.2018
    Amnesty reports that women suspected of Isis links face sexual violence in IDP camps, amid claims they are being denied aidIraqi women suspected of family links to Islamic State extremists are facing a campaign of sexual violence and exploitation in displacement camps inside the country, according to a hard-hitting report from Amnesty International.The accounts of violence, including rape, come amid claims that authorities are also denying aid to the women, as well as refusing them the opportunity to return to their homes. Continue reading...
  • UN agency chief under pressure to quit over handling of sexual assault inquiry
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 13.04.2018
    Head of UNAids faces scrutiny after agency's 'deeply disturbing and tone-deaf' response to allegations about former deputy The director of UNAids, Michel Sidibé, is facing calls to resign over his handling of a recent sexual assault investigation. Three South African civil society groups have called for an independent inquiry into the agency's leadership, while the Aids Healthcare Foundation has written to António Guterres, the UN's secretary general, calling for Sidibé to stand down. The AFH is a non-profit organisation that provides HIV care to hundreds of thousands of people globally. Continue reading...
  • Alarm over cuts to Hague-Jolie plan to end sexual violence in war
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 12.04.2018
    Scheme launched by William Hague and Angelina Jolie faces 'litmus test' as scrutiny falls on British response to rape of Rohingya womenThe Foreign Office has been accused of neglecting its pledge to tackle sexual violence in conflict zones, after the number of experts on a flagship team designed to improve protection for women was halved.The preventing sexual violence initiative, founded by the former British foreign secretary William Hague alongside Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, promised to increase support for victims and help to end the culture of impunity that has allowed transgressors to go unpunished. Continue reading...
  • 'It's time-critical': the race to overturn abortion ban in El Salvador
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 03.04.2018
    Efforts to legalise abortion for first time since 1998 hinge on pushing through changes before conservative legislators take office in MayMoves to overturn El Salvador's ban on abortion could be thwarted unless lawmakers work quickly to push through changes before a more conservative group assumes office in May.Abortion is banned in all circumstances in El Salvador, and women accused of undergoing the procedure can be charged with aggravated homicide and sentenced to up to 50 years in jail. However, a bill proposed last August would legalise abortion in some cases. Continue reading...
  • 'Gender ideology': big, bogus and coming to a fear campaign near you
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 30.03.2018
    The phrase is neither a legitimate academic term, nor a political movement but conservatives use it to sell a false narrative and to justify discrimination Costa Rica goes to the polls this weekend for a presidential runoff election in which economic concerns have unexpectedly been overshadowed by a debate over gay marriage. The current frontrunner ? rightwing evangelical candidate Fabricio Alvarado ? leapfrogged 12 rivals to win February's first-round vote, largely thanks to his pledge to ignore an Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruling which warned Costa Rica that it must guarantee same-sex couples equal rights to marriage. Continue reading...
  • 'No women, no growth': regressive laws prevent economic equality, says study
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 30.03.2018
    Legal reform urged after World Bank suggests failure to protect women from discrimination denies them workplace opportunitiesLegal barriers that prevent women from working or limit their opportunities to own a business are having a negative impact on global growth and economic equality, a World Bank study has found. The absence of laws offering protection from domestic violence, and from sexual harassment in the workplace, has left women around the world at a disadvantage, according to a report published on Thursday. Continue reading...
  • Saudi women strive to bring male guardians to a Twitter end
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 28.03.2018
    Millions of women embrace social network to push for social reforms including abolition of system of male dominionWomen in Saudi Arabia are riding a "Twitter wave" of activism that they hope will lead to the abolition of a legal guardianship system that gives men authority over their lives.There has been an "explosion of advocacy" on Twitter over the past two years, say the authors of a report ? the first of its kind produced by Saudi women ? documenting how women in the kingdom have been fighting for their rights since 1990. Continue reading...
  • Block like an Egyptian: roller derby team get women's rights on track ? podcast
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 28.03.2018
    Lucy Lamble talks to Angie Kaster, co-founder of Egypt's first roller derby team ? the all-female CaiRollers ? about how this brutal contact sport is empowering local womenAcast, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Audioboom. Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter and email us at podcasts@theguardian.comFresh from the protests of the 2011 revolution, a group of women came together to form the CaiRollers team. Early on, getting used to breaking cultural taboos in this combative sport ? "Knock me over, it's fine!" ? was one of the biggest challenges, but the squad has gone from strength to strength. This year they took on Abu Dhabi's team in the first roller derby in the Gulf. Lucy Lamble hears from Angie Kaster, an ex-London Rollergirl, about how this intensely physical sport builds players' confidence both on and off the track. Continue reading...
  • Full steam ahead at the Indian train station run only by women ? in pictures
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 27.03.2018
    In a country where women are quitting the workforce at an alarming rate, the all-female staff of Gandhinagar railway station in Jaipur are bucking the trend. Employed as ticket-sellers, station masters and conductors, the women say they hope to inspire a generation of girls passing through the stationAll photographs by Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images Continue reading...
  • Paraguayan rape victim, 14, dies giving birth
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 22.03.2018
    Doctors say baby is stable but relying on breathing machineTragic case renews focus on Paraguay's strict abortion lawsA 14-year-old rape victim has died during childbirth in Paraguay, where abortion is forbidden unless giving birth threatens the life of the mother. Related: Paraguayan 11-year-old gives birth after pregnancy sparked abortion debate Continue reading...
  • Abortion rates drop dramatically ? but only in rich countries
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 21.03.2018
    Study says terminations have nearly halved in 25 years, but higher rates, particularly of unsafe abortions, occur 'overwhelmingly' in poorer nationsRates of abortion have dropped significantly across the world in the past quarter-century, but the decline has been predominantly in the developed world, according to a report.Evidence gathered by the US-based Guttmacher Institute, a research and advocacy group for reproductive health, suggests the procedure, which kills tens of thousands of women every year, has become safer in many parts of the world. Continue reading...
  • 'I gave birth after my husband's death': the Syrians who wed foreign fighters ' Hussein Akoush and Ellen Ioanes
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 20.03.2018
    Non-Syrian jihadists can seem an attractive prospect to women desperate for security in a country torn by conflict, but such unions can prove devastating"I got married to a foreign fighter from the Maldive Islands in 2016 and he was killed in the clashes against regime forces in the same year. I was pregnant by this man and then I gave birth three months after his death."For this 30-year-old woman from Maaret al-Nu'man, in Idlib province, insecurity had driven her to marry. "My parents had been killed in an airstrike by the regime. As a result, I kept on moving among my five married brothers' places but mostly at the oldest brother's house. I wasn't feeling comfortable on account of instability and I was feeling that I was such a dependent woman. I decided to get married." Continue reading...
  • 'A wave of change': Sienna Miller hails #MeToo movement at New York summit
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 16.03.2018
    Actor gives impassioned speech at UN event exploring sexual exploitation and harassment in media and entertainment worldsThe actor Sienna Miller hailed the "wave of change" enveloping the media and entertainment industries in an impassioned speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Friday.Speaking at an event on sexual exploitation and harassment hosted by the Guardian, UN Women and the Norwegian government, Miller praised the courage of the women who have spoken out about their experiences of harassment since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke last year. Continue reading...
  • Press release: Luminaries, activists and artistes come together to spotlight life-changing interventions on ending the pandemic of violence against women and girls
    UN Women – News 17.11.2016
    Press release: Luminaries, activists and artistes come together to spotlight life-changing interventions on ending the pandemic of violence against women and girls. UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman co-hosts star-studded gala to mark 20 years of grant-making through UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women.
  • Faces of climate change ― the gender perspective

    Faces of climate change ― the gender perspective

    In recent years, farmers all over Uganda have experienced changes in climate. Extreme weather such as heavy rains, flooding, drought, landslides and unreliable seasons affect the livelihoods of the many families who live off the land. The changing conditions impact men and women differently and challenge the way they work together. Could revisiting the traditional gender roles be a part of the solution?

  • What is the United Nations University all about?

    What is the United Nations University all about?

    United Nations University – Agile and Adept: Marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations University in Japan, this video animation explains how the UNU is uniquely organized as an agile and adept think tank composed of a network of highly specialized institutes distributed across the globe.

  • Vigdís Finnbogadóttir patron of the UNU-GEST

    Vigdís Finnbogadóttir patron of the UNU-GEST

    Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, the former President of Iceland, was the first woman to be democratically elected President in the world. Women's rights, cultural diversity, the promotion of world peace and transnational dialogues have been running themes in Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir's work. She has also been an important advocate of equality and the empowerment of women.