• Congratulations UNU-GEST Class of 2018!

    UNU-GEST celebrates the graduation of twenty-three fellows with a post-graduate diploma in international gender studies more


  • UNU-GEST fellows present their final assignments

    23 fellows who graduate on the 24th of May present their final assignments in an open seminar more

  • Field Trip to the Southeast of Iceland

    As part of the module "Gender and Environment" the fellows traveled to the Southeast of Iceland, learning about the relationship between gender and climate change more

  • Calling for action towards SDG#5

    To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, the fellows and staff of UNU-GEST call for a variety of actions for gender equality and achieving the SDGs by 2030 more

  • UNU’s Work on the SDGs

    On 22 January, UNU launched its Sustainable Development Explorer, a new campaign highlighting UNU’s work to support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) more

  • Newly published evaluation report

    Impressive results for UNU-GEST at all levels. Read about micro-, meso- and macro level results, relevance, effectiveness and much more more

Gender news from around the world

  • Motorcyclists banned from wearing hoodies as Uganda gets tough on crime
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 20.07.2018
    President Yoweri Museveni moves to quell concern about rising crime with introduction of 10-point security planUganda's president has banned motorcycle drivers from wearing hoodies in an attempt to tackle rising crime rates in the country.Figures published this week show the number of reported crimes grew by 3.3% between 2016 and 2017. Continue reading...
  • British public bought £14bn of goods made by slaves in 2017, claims report
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 19.07.2018
    Global slavery index identifies electronics and clothes among UK imports from countries where labour abuses may have occurred Billions of pounds worth of laptops, mobile phones and clothing likely to have been made using slave labour are being bought by UK consumers every year, researchers have said. The global slavery index, which attempts to measure the scope and scale of slavery across the world, claims that G20 countries annually import more than £272bn of products from places with a high prevalence of modern slavery. Continue reading...
  • Myanmar authorities planned genocide against Rohingya, rights group claims
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 19.07.2018
    Officials armed non-Rohingya civilians and suspended aid in months before Rakhine state, new research allegesAuthorities in Myanmar made preparations for attacks against the Rohingya with "genocidal intent" in the weeks before last year's purge, a rights watchdog has claimed.A report by Fortify Rights, a Bangkok-based organisation, alleges that officials carefully planned a systematic assault on the Rohingya community. Continue reading...
  • UK stance on arms exports protects corrupt practices, experts claim
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 19.07.2018
    Government accused of allowing arms industry to act with impunity, damaging development efforts and fuelling conflictThe British government's role in arms exports has come under scrutiny amid accusations that the trade's corrupt practices are being deliberately protected to benefit the economy.Andrew Feinstein, CEO of Corruption Watch, an arms control watchdog, said the government's approach was not only deeply damaging to Britain's global development efforts but also fuelled world conflicts. Continue reading...
  • 'It destroyed the girl she was': the toll of pregnancy on Paraguay's children
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 19.07.2018
    Rampant child abuse, a culture that sexualizes young girls and draconian abortion laws have contributed to a child pregnancy rate that is among Latin America's highest When she took her 10-year-old daughter to hospital suffering stomach cramps and vomiting, Rosana had little idea of the ordeal ahead. Continue reading...
  • Libya migrant centres near breaking point after spike in arrivals
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 18.07.2018
    Coastguard crackdown leaves thousands in overcrowded facilities, with many more at mercy of smugglers and militiaThe number of migrants in Libya's overcrowded detention centres has almost doubled over the past three months, according to the UN's migration agency. Amid a crackdown on Mediterranean crossings by the Italy and EU-backed Libyan coastguard, the number of people being held has swollen from 5,000 to 9,300, with thousands more at the mercy of smugglers in charge of unofficial detention facilities, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said. Continue reading...
  • 'Death by dowry' claim by bereaved Indian family ' Amrit Dhillon
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 18.07.2018
    Reported suicide is alleged to be part of alarming trend that sees 20 women die every day as a result of harassment over a dowry ? either murdered, or compelled to take their own livesBefore leaving Delhi for a work trip earlier this year, a man paid a visit to his local police station. He was so afraid his daughter's life was in danger that he wrote a letter, which he left with the police. In it, he accused his son-in-law and his relatives of abusing and tormenting her over their demands for dowry. If anything happens, he wrote, then this family are responsible. Continue reading...
  • Diana's landmine legacy helps reclaim swaths of Angola ? in pictures
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 17.07.2018
    21 years on, the Angolan province Diana visited is within months of being declared clear of unexploded ordnance. Yet the country's dream of being mine-free by 2025 is still far off Continue reading...
  • Buzzwords and tortuous impact studies won't fix a broken aid system ' 15 leading economists
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 16.07.2018
    Fifteen leading economists, including three Nobel winners, argue that the many billions of dollars spent on aid can do little to alleviate poverty while we fail to tackle its root causes Development efforts over the past few decades have not been as effective as promised.Global poverty remains intractable: more than 4 billion people live on less than the equivalent of $5 (£3.80) a day, and the number of people going hungry has been rising. Important gains have been made in some areas, but many of the objectives set by the millennium development goals ? to be reached by 2015 ? remain unfulfilled. And this despite hundreds of billions of dollars of aid. Continue reading...
  • 'I'm tired of the suffering': how poverty-stricken families struggle to survive in Nigeria ' Isaac Linus
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 16.07.2018
    Families living on £1.50 a day or less tell of the hardships of life in the oil-rich nation, which now has the greatest concentration of extreme poverty Nkechi John, 39, lives in a single room with her four children and husband, who is a welder. Their daily lives are fairly typical of people in poverty in Nigeria, which according to the Brookings Institution now has the world's greatest number of extreme poor."Life is tough and everybody is complaining," she says. "I used to sell akara [bean cake]. I could make around 1,000-1,200 naira [£2-£2.50] profit every day, but now I can't even make 400 naira. People don't have money to buy it because there are no jobs. Continue reading...
  • Oil-rich Nigeria outstrips India as country with most people in poverty
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 16.07.2018
    Nine out of 10 of the world's poorest people will live in Africa within 12 years, say experts from Brookings InstitutionNigeria, one of Africa's two wealthiest economies, has overtaken India as home to the world's greatest concentration of extreme poverty, amid warnings that the continent will host nine out of 10 of the world's poorest people within 12 years. The claim comes as concerns mount that the growth in poverty ? and in Africa in particular ? is outpacing efforts to eradicate it. It was made in a recent paper for the Brookings Institution thinktank, by three experts associated with the World Poverty Clock ? launched in 2017 to track trends in poverty reduction. Continue reading...
  • Reports of slavery in British car washes fail to trigger arrests
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 13.07.2018
    Helpline receives 473 warnings of potential slavery victims in hand car washes, yet successful action remains rarePublic reports of suspected forced labour in the British car wash industry are not translating into prosecutions, it has emerged. Since the UK's modern slavery helpline was launched nearly two years ago, 473 potential cases in car washes have been reported by the public by phone or online, with 2,170 potential victims identified and 401 individual cases referred to law enforcement agencies. Yet only one case has resulted in arrests. Continue reading...
  • Robot workers will lead to surge in slavery in south-east Asia, report finds
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 12.07.2018
    Research shows risk of trafficking will rise, as automation pushes low-skilled workers into 'race to the bottom' for jobsRobots will slash millions of jobs and create an upswing in trafficking and slavery across south-east Asia, research claims.In a report launched on Thursday, supply-chain analyst firm Verisk Maplecroft predicts that the rise in robot manufacturing will have a knock-on effect that results not only in lost livelihoods but in a spike in slavery and labour abuses in brand supply chains. Continue reading...
  • Teenager at centre of Kenyan court case over botched abortion has died
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 10.07.2018
    Family of raped teenager are demanding government reissues guidance on safe terminations after crackdown puts lives at riskA teenager whose botched abortion was at the centre of a high court case in Kenya has died.The girl, who was raped aged 14 and then left with horrific injuries after a backstreet termination, had been the subject of a controversy over whether the Kenyan government was to blame for her death. Continue reading...
  • Intercaste marriages and grooms who pay their way: welcome to the new India
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 09.07.2018
    Survey of young people shows traditions surrounding caste and hierarchy falling by the wayside as technology redefines attitudes Greater openness to intercaste marriage and an increased willingness among men to help with wedding costs point to the emergence of a more liberal generation in India, a study of young people's attitudes in the country has found.A "pulse of the nation" survey of 130,000 18- to 35-year-olds, carried out by Inshorts, a news app that has been downloaded by 10 million Indians, found 70% were happy with marriages between people of different castes, turning on its head the the country's entrenched caste hierarchy. Continue reading...
  • Deportation reprieve for Kenyan domestic worker attacked in Lebanon
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 06.07.2018
    Outcry sparked by 'abhorrently racist' mob assault that was caught on film leads to temporary deferral of expulsion order A Kenyan domestic worker who was threatened with deportation from Lebanon after a video of her being beaten in the street went viral has been granted a temporary reprieve.The video, which showed the woman and a friend being pulled by the hair and repeatedly struck by a crowd of people in a busy Beirut street, caused outrage when it was shared on social media. Continue reading...
  • Women are uniting against sexual violence ? and we won't be stopped ' Purna Sen
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 06.07.2018
    Two in three women will experience sexual violence and harassment in their lifetime. Across the world, abusers have been put on noticeIn September 2015, states from across the world committed to end all forms of violence against women by 2030. Two years later we were saddened and angered by wave after wave of accounts of sexual harassment emerging initially from Hollywood but then from athletes, hotel workers, parliaments and elsewhere. Using the power of solidarity, and backed by the support of diligent and respectful journalists, women helped the world wake up to the daily horrors of sexual harassment and assault. Women live with the knowledge that hands can be shoved inside their clothing, they can be groped, grabbed by the genitals, targeted with sexual names or slurs, or raped. Women ? as actual and potential targets of abuse ? forego their freedom of movement and live with the ubiquitous fear of violence. Continue reading...
  • Selfies with the Taliban: Afghan women buoyed by ceasefire snaps ' Ruchi Kumar
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 06.07.2018
    When Taliban fighters entered the cities of Afghanistan after hostilities were put on hold for Eid, some women took photos. A symbol of female resistance, the images quickly went viral One of the longest wars of our generation took an unexpected turn last month. The Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan accepted the government's call for a three-day ceasefire during the Islamic festival of Eid al-Fitr.For the first time in years, Taliban fighters ? known for their brutality on the frontline of the spiralling conflict ? entered the capital, Kabul, and other urban centres in Afghanistan and socialised with the locals. Continue reading...
  • Kenyan domestic worker assaulted by mob in Lebanon faces deportation
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 05.07.2018
    Brutal attack on two women ? caught on video ? has led to deportation order against one victim, prompting fresh anger over mistreatment of maids in the countryA Kenyan woman in Lebanon who was brutally assaulted in a mob attack that was caught on video is being deported, sparking fresh criticism over the country's treatment of migrant domestic workers.In footage that prompted anger on social media, a man is seen holding two Kenyan women by the hair and repeatedly hitting them while they scream in pain in the Beirut suburb of Bourj Hammoud. A crowd then gathers around them, and others join in. Continue reading...
  • Breakthrough made in fight to end virginity testing in Afghanistan
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 05.07.2018
    New policy will stop clinics and hospitals from performing examinations that lead to imprisonment and exclusionIn a prison in the Balkh province of Afghanistan, more than 200 girls and young women are crammed into dirty prison cells. Many have been here for months ? and some for more than a year. When they are eventually released, they face a future defined by shame, exclusion and destitution.Their crime is that they all failed a virginity test performed by a health professional at a clinic or hospital. Continue reading...
  • Press release: Luminaries, activists and artistes come together to spotlight life-changing interventions on ending the pandemic of violence against women and girls
    UN Women – News 17.11.2016
    Press release: Luminaries, activists and artistes come together to spotlight life-changing interventions on ending the pandemic of violence against women and girls. UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman co-hosts star-studded gala to mark 20 years of grant-making through UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women.
  • Faces of climate change ― the gender perspective

    Faces of climate change ― the gender perspective

    In recent years, farmers all over Uganda have experienced changes in climate. Extreme weather such as heavy rains, flooding, drought, landslides and unreliable seasons affect the livelihoods of the many families who live off the land. The changing conditions impact men and women differently and challenge the way they work together. Could revisiting the traditional gender roles be a part of the solution?

  • What is the United Nations University all about?

    What is the United Nations University all about?

    United Nations University – Agile and Adept: Marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations University in Japan, this video animation explains how the UNU is uniquely organized as an agile and adept think tank composed of a network of highly specialized institutes distributed across the globe.

  • Vigdís Finnbogadóttir patron of the UNU-GEST

    Vigdís Finnbogadóttir patron of the UNU-GEST

    Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, the former President of Iceland, was the first woman to be democratically elected President in the world. Women's rights, cultural diversity, the promotion of world peace and transnational dialogues have been running themes in Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir's work. She has also been an important advocate of equality and the empowerment of women.