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Gender news from around the world

  • 'We will always defend the right to life' says Trump in March for Life rally - video
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 19.01.2018
    Donald Trump used a speech to anti-abortion activists to describe plans to give "conscience protections" to medical providers who refuse to perform abortions for moral or religious reasons. Trump, formerly a supporter of a woman's right to choose, has become the first sitting president to address the annual March for Life in Washington. Trump hails anti-abortion measures in speech at March for Life Continue reading...
  • Captured, raped, ransomed: the kidnappers preying on Eritrean refugees ' Sally Hayden
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 19.01.2018
    When Ella and her cousin reached a refugee camp in Sudan, it seemed to herald safety. Instead, it was the start of an all too familiar ordealIt was right at the moment Ella thought she was safe that she was kidnapped.The 17-year-old had just entered eastern Sudan's Wad Sherife refugee camp with her teenage cousin. The girls had been walking for days, in a desperate bid to escape compulsory, indefinite military service in their birth country Eritrea, which begins as soon as school ends. Continue reading...
  • Mother and daughter shot dead while immunising children from polio in Pakistan
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 19.01.2018
    Prime minister condemns attack by gunmen in south-western city of Quetta, where two policemen also died in separate incidentGunmen have shot and killed a mother and her daughter who were immunising children against polio in Pakistan's south-western city of Quetta.The attack took place as hundreds of polio teams, many of them volunteers, were out working on a campaign against the disease, police official Naseebullah Khan said. Continue reading...
  • Sexual harassment and assault rife at United Nations, staff claim
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 18.01.2018
    Exclusive: Guardian investigation points to culture of impunity as UN employees allege offences including rape Have you been similarly affected? Share your story hereThe United Nations has allowed sexual harassment and assault to flourish in its offices around the world, with accusers ignored and perpetrators free to act with impunity, the Guardian has been told.Dozens of current and former UN employees described a culture of silence across the organisation and a flawed grievance system that is stacked against victims. Continue reading...
  • Trump-style populism gives 'murderous leaders' free rein, says rights group
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 18.01.2018
    Human Rights Watch report accuses western politicians of driving global misrule by feeding off public fear and discontentRising intolerance in many western countries has created an "open field for murderous leaders" around the world, a leading human rights group has warned.In an annual report assessing more than 90 nations, Human Rights Watch warned of a "frontal assault on the values of inclusivity, tolerance, and respect" across states that have previously championed rights. Continue reading...
  • Were sex traffickers to blame for the unsolved death of Silvana Beqiraj? ' Julie Bindel
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 18.01.2018
    Silvana Beqiraj left rural Albania for France, only to be found dead in a canal four years later. Now her family want answersOn a bright autumn day in September 2014, the body of a woman was hauled from the Lunel canal, a stretch of water that crosses a flat, marshy area of Montpellier. French police at first assumed she had drowned. There were no signs of injury, but her nakedness was a cause for concern.The body was that of Silvana Beqiraj, an Albanian. Silvana was originally from Ndërmenas, a village in the district of Fier, an industrial town 100km from the Albanian capital, Tirana. A divorced mother of two, she had migrated to France four years earlier, leaving her young children with her parents. Another Albanian woman, Bukurie Elmazi, also from Fier, had moved to France with Silvana in 2011, having persuaded her to migrate for "better opportunities", according to Silvana's family. Elmazi identified the body. Continue reading...
  • The refugee who ran at the Olympics: 'You can change the world' ' Anthony Harwood
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 17.01.2018
    Refugee-turned-Olympian Yiech Pur Biel is on a mission to give displaced kids a sporting chanceBeing a refugee, says Olympic runner Yiech Pur Biel, doesn't mean you are nothing. Biel, a survivor of the Sudanese civil war who ran at the Games in Rio, is now leading a drive to improve sports facilities in refugee camps around the world and raise Olympic aspirations.Biel was 10 when his family's grass house in Sudan was burned to the ground. Left to fend for himself in the bush, he survived on fruit and leaves before finally reaching a refugee camp in Kenya, where he learned how to run competitively. Continue reading...
  • The deadly African gold rush fuelled by people smugglers' promises
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 17.01.2018
    Sudanese refugees in northern Chad are risking their lives to mine the precious ore in a desperate bid to secure a new life in EuropeRefugees from the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur, who are living in camps in neighbouring Chad, are being drawn into an African gold rush in a desperate effort to pay smugglers to get them to Europe.Digging in holes 50m deep, Sudanese refugees are risking their lives in an area not only littered with landmines but also beset by violence, which claimed at least 25 lives last year. Continue reading...
  • 'People were screaming': troops destroy $200,000 aid camps in Somalia
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 15.01.2018
    More than 4,000 people are homeless two weeks after security forces demolished camps sheltering internally displaced SomalisTwo weeks after being forcibly evicted from their shelters, thousands of vulnerable families are still living rough in the outskirts of Mogadishu.Somali security forces went in and destroyed 23 camps for internally displaced people, housing more than 4,000 Somalis, on 29 and 30 December last year according to the UN. Continue reading...
  • Scientists confirm what women always knew: men really are the weaker sex
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 15.01.2018
    In times of famine, epidemic and hardship over the past 250 years, women have consistently outlived men, find researchersWomen are more likely than men to survive in times of famine and epidemics, research has found.While it has long been known that women have a higher life expectancy than men in general, analysis of historical records stretching back 250 years shows that women have, for example, outlived men on slave plantations in Trinidad, during famines in Sweden and through various measles outbreaks in Iceland. Continue reading...
  • Women deported by Trump face deadly welcome from street gangs in El Salvador
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 13.01.2018
    Hundreds of young women are killed every year and many face sexual violence in the world's most dangerous land. Now the president wants to send 200,000 more Salvadorans back homeInside an apartment block in San Salvador beneath the shadow of the volcano that dominates the city skyline, 20 girls aged between 14 and 18 are in hiding, fearing for their lives. Recently deported to the country of their birth from the US by Donald Trump as part of his evolving immigration clampdown, the teenagers are wanted dead by the street gangs that make El Salvador the most homicidal place on Earth.Survival necessitates drastic measures when the Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, or its rival 18th Street gang want you murdered. First, the girls ? branded traitors for daring leave El Salvador to set up home in America ? are given radical makeovers; new haircuts and new clothes along with sunglasses that are rarely removed. Then they learn to talk differently, walk differently. All trace of their previous existence is erased. Travel is arranged using bulletproof cars with tinted windows. Finally, the safe house is placed on a short-term lease; the slightest intelligence that the gangs have identified its whereabouts and they're gone. Continue reading...
  • Woman in Nepal dies after being exiled to outdoor hut during her period
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 12.01.2018
    Smoke inhalation suspected to have killed 21-year-old who lit fire to keep warm while observing controversial practice of sleeping outside during menstruationA woman has died in a remote village in Nepal because of a controversial tradition that means menstruating women are required to sleep in huts.Temperatures in Nepal can fall below zero degrees celsius in the winter months, but women are still forced to sleep in outdoor sheds that are often poorly insulated and unheated. Continue reading...
  • 'A great milestone': Somaliland adopts legislation outlawing rape
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 11.01.2018
    Activists welcome initial approval of law designed to curb rising sexual violence, but warn scope and implementation could prove problematicSomaliland has introduced a bill outlawing rape, the first piece of legislation to address gender-based violence in the self-declared state.Under the Somaliland rape and other related offences bill, all forms of sexual offence would be criminalised, including rape, gang rape, sexual assault, trafficking and child marriage. Rapists who infect their victims with HIV would receive life sentences. Continue reading...
  • 'One guy took a cutlass': gay women at greater risk of violence in Ghana
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 10.01.2018
    Research shows Ghanaian women are likelier than men to be abused and cast out of homes and jobs because of their sexual preferencesWomen in Ghana are more likely than men to experience violence at the hands of their families because of their sexuality, with many forced many into marriage or sex work, researchers have found.LGBT women interviewed by Human Rights Watch (HRW) said they had been beaten, evicted from their homes and ostracised by their communities. Many struggled to find accommodation and employment. Continue reading...
  • Abducted at nine to be a girl soldier for Kony: 'Now people call me a killer' ' Samuel Okiror
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 08.01.2018
    A former Lord's Resistance Army fighter feels marginalised and abandoned, failed by the Ugandan government after broken promises of help and supportWhen Agnes Acayo escaped from the rebel group who had abducted her at the age of nine, she felt overjoyed to be free and back home at last. She had spent 10 years in captivity as a child soldier and later was forced to marry a member of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda.Now 30, Acayo, like many of her fellow female ex-combatants, is stuck in a cycle of poverty, despite government promises that they would be helped. Acayo, who still has a bullet embedded in her right hand from a battle with Ugandan army troops, lives in a rented mud-grass hut with her three children in Gulu, in the north of the country. Continue reading...
  • Life on the Congo river: boosting survival rates for mothers and babies ? in pictures
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 03.01.2018
    In remote areas down the river from Kisangani, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Tshopo province, the incidence of maternal and infant mortality is extremely high as preventable diseases are not treated. Now a programme training health workers aims to make vital medical care more accessiblePhotographs by Kate Holt Continue reading...
  • 'Violence has not left our homes': the fight goes on for female guerrillas in Timor Leste ' Vincent Bevins
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 29.12.2017
    Despite their bravery in the struggle against Indonesia for independence, Timorese women are still far from winning the battle for gender equalityMadalena Vidal Soares joined the armed resistance movement shortly after Indonesia invaded her country in 1975. She became active in its women's organisation, where she promoted equal rights and railed against domestic violence, forced prostitution and polygamy. The country was deeply patriarchal after hundreds of years of Portuguese colonial rule. She saw fighting for equality as a natural part of her struggle as a leftwing guerrilla.In 2002, when a new, independent country was finally formed, the ascension of the rebels and their allies to power didn't automatically lead to women's liberation. Fifteen years later, there's still a lot of fighting to be done, she says. Continue reading...
  • 'Pay to avoid a lashing': women in trousers face threats and abuse in Sudan
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 21.12.2017
    Report reveals officials use risk of imprisonment or beatings over 'indecent dress' to swell coffers and target women the authorities wish to silenceFines for wearing trousers and the threat of beatings are being handed to women in Sudan "like traffic wardens issuing parking tickets", say the authors of a study on the country's controversial public order regime.Researchers who carried out detailed interviews with 40 women who had fallen foul of the country's discriminatory laws found corrupt officials are increasingly using the threat of flogging to elicit money. Continue reading...
  • Fighting child sex crimes in South Africa: 'We've seen an increase in brutality' ' Hannah Summers
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 21.12.2017
    Nearly one in 10 reported rapes in the country are of children aged nine or younger, with figures rising, yet a specialised support clinic is facing closureIt was with a loan taken out in her own name and a giant leap of faith that Christina Rollin set up her clinic to treat child rape victims in South Africa's Gauteng province.After three years training as a forensic nurse at a trauma centre, Rollin had seen the lack of expertise among those treating children, and too many youngsters were being failed by the judicial system. Continue reading...
  • Haitian mothers seek support from UN soldiers for 'peacekeeper babies'
    Women's rights and gender equality ' The Guardian 15.12.2017
    Women who claim they were sexually exploited by UN soldiers file lawsuit claiming paternity and maintenance paymentsThe mothers of Haiti's "peacekeeper babies" have filed the first legal action against both the UN and individual peacekeeping soldiers in paternity and child support claims.The lawsuit is the latest development in a protracted legal battle to make the soldiers contribute to the upkeep of children they allegedly fathered. Continue reading...
  • Press release: Luminaries, activists and artistes come together to spotlight life-changing interventions on ending the pandemic of violence against women and girls
    UN Women – News 17.11.2016
    Press release: Luminaries, activists and artistes come together to spotlight life-changing interventions on ending the pandemic of violence against women and girls. UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman co-hosts star-studded gala to mark 20 years of grant-making through UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women.
  • Faces of climate change ― the gender perspective

    Faces of climate change ― the gender perspective

    In recent years, farmers all over Uganda have experienced changes in climate. Extreme weather such as heavy rains, flooding, drought, landslides and unreliable seasons affect the livelihoods of the many families who live off the land. The changing conditions impact men and women differently and challenge the way they work together. Could revisiting the traditional gender roles be a part of the solution?

  • What is the United Nations University all about?

    What is the United Nations University all about?

    United Nations University – Agile and Adept: Marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations University in Japan, this video animation explains how the UNU is uniquely organized as an agile and adept think tank composed of a network of highly specialized institutes distributed across the globe.

  • Vigdís Finnbogadóttir patron of the UNU-GEST

    Vigdís Finnbogadóttir patron of the UNU-GEST

    Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, the former President of Iceland, was the first woman to be democratically elected President in the world. Women's rights, cultural diversity, the promotion of world peace and transnational dialogues have been running themes in Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir's work. She has also been an important advocate of equality and the empowerment of women.