Academic staff 2016

Academic Experts and Researchers

Dr. Giti Chandra 

Dr. Chandra is associate Professor at the Dept. of English, St. Stephen’s College, in New Delhi in India and part-time lecturer at UNU-GEST. She teaches academic working methods in the UNU-GEST Programme and provides academic supervision of fellow´s final assignments.

Dr. Marta Einarsdóttir
Researcher at the Research Centre of the University of Akureyri. She teaches in the module “Theories, Concepts and Systems of Gender”.

Dr. Einarsdóttir has a background in development and gender studies and worked for the Icelandic International Development Agency in Mozambique, where she also conducted research on women’s adult education.

Dr. Cynthia Enloe 

Research Professor in the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment at Clark University.
Teaches in the module “Gender, Peace and Security”.

Professor Enloe’s feminist teaching and research have focused on the interplay of gendered politics in the national and international arenas and she has written extensively on interactions of feminism, women, militarized culture, war, politics, and globalized economics in countries such as Japan, Iraq, the U.S., Britain, the Philippines, Canada, Chile, and Turkey. Racial, class, ethnic and national identities, as well as pressures shaping ideas about femininities and masculinities, are common threads throughout her studies.

Dr. Berglind Guðmundsdóttir

Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Iceland  and head of clinical psychological services at the National University Hospital of Iceland. Lectures on post-traumatic stress disorder and services for sexual trauma survivors in Iceland in the module "Gender, Health, Violence and Bodily Integrity".

Dr. Jeff Hearn

Professor of Sociology at University of Huddersfield, UK and Professor of Management and Organisation, Hanken School of Economics, Finland. Prof. Hearn is a member of the British Sociological Association, since 2005 member of the Conference and Events Committee of BSA. He teaches on men and masculinities, theories and polices and contributed to the module  "Gender, Peace and Security".

Dr. Elisabeth Klatzer

Dr. Klatzer is a feminist economist, researcher, activist and consultant. She teaches gender responsive budgeting in the module "Dynamics of Gender and the Economy".

Dr. Klatzer specializes in gender and public finance, globalization, and feminist economics. She has experience in public administration as well as in teaching and research at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Currently she is a scientific consultant in gender budgeting projects in many countries, e.g. Ukraine, Turkey and Serbia.

Dr. Jón Geir Pétursson

Director General of the Department of Land and Natural Heritage at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in Iceland and Assistant Professor of Environmental and Natural Resources at the University of Iceland. He teaches in the module “Gender, Climate Change and Resilience”.

Professor Pétursson works on behalf of Icelandic authorities on matters of natural resources both domestically and internationally and has conducted research on transboundary protected area management in Eastern Africa.

Dr. Joni Seager 

Professor and Chair of the Global Studies Department at Bentley University. She teaches in the module “Gender and Climate Change”.

Dr. Seager is a feminist geographer and has achieved international acclaim for her work in feminist environmental policy analysis, the environmental costs of militaries and militarism, and gender and climate change. She has been an active consultant with the United Nations on several gender and environmental policy projects, including consulting with the United Nations Environmental Programme on integrating gender perspectives into their work on disasters and early warning systems, and with UNESCO and the Division on Economic and Social Affairs on gender in water policy.


Specialists and trainers

Natasha Choudary

Natasha is a doctoral researcher at the Working Lives Research Institute & Centre for Primary health and Social Care, London Metropolitan University. She teaches on health promotion interventions in high and low-income settings, transformative approaches to addressing gender inequities in health and participatory research tools and methods. She lectured in the module "Gender, Health, Violence and Bodily Integrity".

Kristine Nilsen

Senior research assistant and postgraduate Research Student in the Department of Social Statistics and Demography, University of Southampton. She teaches on health inequalities and health systems responses, with a focus on maternal health in "Gender, Health, Violence and Bodily Integrity". She lectured in the module "Gender, Health, Violence and Bodily Integrity".

Margrét Steinarsdóttir

Director of the Icelandic Human Rights Centre. Steinarsdóttir is a lawyer and specializes in legal advice to immigrants in Iceland. She teaches in modules on "Gender, Peace and Security" and "Gender, Health, Violence and Bodily Integrity" on gender-based violence and international instruments and local responses, focusing on violence against women: e.g human trafficking.

Thor Clausen
Associate Partner at Capacent Consulting Company. He facilitates the course "Negotiating to Yes" in the module Gender, Peace and Security and teaches entrepreneurship and economic empowerment in the module  "Dynamics of Gender and the Economy".

Mr. Clausen´s expertise are in the areas of strategic planning, management and finance. He has also worked on projects for the Icelandic International Development Agency in Uganda where the focus was on training in entrepreneurship and business planning.

Thomas Brorsen Smidt
Ph.D. Student in Gender Studies at the University of Iceland. Teaches in the module “Theories, Concepts and Systems of Gender”.

Engilbert Guðmundsson

Engilbert holds a BS in business administration and an MS in economics from Copenhagen Busines School. He completed post-graduate studies in Development Economics at University of East Anglia in the UK and the Executive Development Program of Harvard Business School.

Engilbert has worked on development cooperation for 30 years. He was an Adviser to rural cooperative unions in Tanzania, a Project Manager and later Vice President at the Nordic Development Fund. He joined the World Bank and was Partnership Manager for Multilateral Development Banks and later Country Manager in Sierra Leone.  After retiring from the World Bank he worked for a short while for the United Nations before returning to Iceland and taking up the position of Director General of Iceida, the bilateral development cooperation agency of Iceland, which he left at the end of 2015.He teaches a class on Financial International Institutions within the module "Dynamics of Gender and the Economy".

Guðrún Sif Friðriksdóttir

PhD candidate in social anthropology at the University of Iceland. She teaches in the module "Gender, Peace and Security".

Kirstín Flygenring

Kirstín holds an MA in economics from Northwestern University in Illinois, a cand. oecon. degree in business administration from UNI and a diploma in European competition law from Kings College London in 2004. Kirstín has worked as an economist at the National Economic Institute and in the Department of Economics at the Central Bank of Iceland, and has also been a part-time lecturer and adjunct at UNI. Kirstín has also held several positions on boards and committees, and currently serves as a board member of Arion Bank. She teaches development economics within the module "Dynamics of Gender and the Economy" .

Milica Minić

Milica Minić is a Gender and development specialist and researcher. She earned her M.A. degree in critical gender studies at the University of Utrecht and the Central European University in Budapest. She teaches in the modules “Theories, Concepts and Systems of Gender” and "Gender, Peace and Security".

Susan Muska

Documentary Filmmaker. Muska has been making documentary films about queer and women's issues for more than fifteen years. These include “The Brandon Teena Story” (1998), “Through the Lens: Sigrid ZoÎga & August Sander” (2000), “Women the Forgotten Face of War” (2002), and “Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement” (2009). She is attracted to stories of individuals thriving (or not) in the face of discrimination and the fleshing out of these histories to bring issues alive. Muska provides fellows with media training and teaches how to do presentations in the UNU-GEST programme.

Hugrún R. Hjaltadóttir
Adviser at the Centre for Gender Equality. She teaches in the module “Theories, Concepts and Systems of Gender”. Hjaltadóttir has worked on implementation of gender mainstreaming in Iceland and conducts training on the principles of gender mainstreaming.

Erla Hlín Hjálmarsdóttir
Project manager and Head of Research at UNU-GEST. She was an adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science at the UNI 2010-2015. She holds an MPA degree, a post-graduate diploma in international relations and is a PhD candidate at the University of Iceland.She is the module leader for the module "Dynamics of Gender and the Environment". Erla teaches project management, monitoring and evaluation, leadership skills, academic working methods, and coordinates supervision of fellow´s applied projects.

Kristjana Þ. Sigurbjörnsdóttir
Project manager at UNU-GEST and module leader and teacher in the module “Gender, Health, Violence and Bodily Integrity”. Her focus is on gender analysis and mainstreaming and introduction to global public health, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, and human rights-based approach to development.

Pétur Waldorff

Senior researcher at UNU-GEST and EDDA – Research Center at the University of Iceland and at Nordic Africa Institute at Uppsala University. He teaches gendered value chain analysis in module “Gender, Climate Change and Resilience” .

Kristín Pálsdóttir

Project Manager at Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference, University of Iceland (RIKK) and Spokeswomen for the Root, Association on Women and Addiction. Kristín has a BA in Spanish and Tourism Studies and an MA in Practical editorship and theory of publication. She also studied Comparative Literature on post graduate level. She lectures on gendered aspects of addiction and treatment within the module "Gender, Health, Violence and Bodily Integrity".

Randi W. Stebbins

Stebbins is an attorney with focus on humanitarian immigration cases for victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes. Randi teaches on responses to domestic violence in the module "Gender, Health, Violence and Bodily Integrity" as well as professional development.