Intern staff


Nora Poloni

Ms. Poloni joined UNU-GEST in January 2018 as a full-time intern after completing her MA in International Relations: Global Governance and Social Theory at the Jacobs University and the University of Bremen in Germany. Nora has been supporting our spring lecture series, ongoing social media campaigns and was in charge of the publication of the June newsletter. She has also been involved with research and daily administration.


Flora Tietgen


 Ms. Tietgen joined UNU-GEST in January 2017 as a full-time research-intern, as a part of her M.A. studies in Political and Social Sciences at Wuerzburg University in Germany. Flora has been involved with research assistance on multiple projects by UNU-GEST and partner organisations, programme organisation and daily administration. Flora, who is from Germany, extended her stay at UNU-GEST and now holds a part-time position as a project assistant at UNU-GEST. 


Irina S. Ogurtsova


Ms. Ogurtsova is from Estonia. Her internship is a part of her master´s degree in Baltic Sea Region Studies at the University of Tartu in Estonia. She also holds a master´s degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Iceland. She joined the UNU-GEST programme in September 2017 and her primary duties include the administration for admission of new fellows, the alumni strategy and communication with UNU-GEST fellows. 


Noélly Flor









Ms. Flor came from Brazil to join the UNU-GEST programme as an intern in September 2017. She primarily focused on social media, and on writing news articles and reports for the programme. An avid supporter of gender equality, Noélly intends to focus on gender in her academic studies.


Olivia Houck

Ms. Houck is from the United States and joined the UNU-GEST programme as a part-time research intern in late August 2017. Olivia contributes to ongoing research, grant applications and editing of UNU-GEST publications.

Micheal Gumisiriza

Mr. Gumisiriza, originally from Uganda, is a M.A. student in Sustainable Territorial Development at the University is Ku Leuven, Belgium. He was with UNU-GEST for around two months in May - June 2017, assisting with research and project administration, focusing on gender and climate change.



Paula Mata


Ms. Mata, joined UNU-GEST in January 2017 as a full-time communications intern, as a part of her M.A. studies in Communications for Development at Malmö University in Sweden, but she is originally from Spain. Paula has been involved with programme organisation, communication and dissemination efforts, coverage of lecture series and other academic events and training assistance on multiple projects by UNU-GEST and partner organisations.


Renata Guimarães Naso












Ms. Naso joined UNU-GEST in August 2016 as an intern, as a part of her M.A. programme in Gender Studies at the University of Linköping in Sweden. Over the academic year 2016/2017, she has been involved with the programme organisation, daily administration, project and research assistance. Renata, who is from Brazil, extended her stay at UNU-GEST and also conducted a part of her her master's research in Iceland.


Alison Hendra

Ms. Hendra, an exchange student of Philosophy and Sustainability Studies from Concordia University in Canada, volunteered on the UNU-GEST programme in May 2016. Alison was responsible for forming the first draft of the UNU-GEST programme‘s alumni strategy.


Thomas J. Wilkinson

Mr. Wilkinson who is originally from England, joined UNU-GEST in April 2016 as a full-time intern, as a part of his studies in Gendering Practices Master‘s Programme at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Thomas has been involved with programme organisation, daily administration and provided research assistance on multiple projects by UNU-GEST and its partner organisations.


Internship opportunities at UNU-GEST exist for masters and PhD students. For inquiries, contact