Gender responsive budgeting

Women face disparities in access and controls over resources. Budgets are important policy instruments as financial resources are required to implement policies. Therefore, budgets are powerful tools for transformation to move society towards gender equality, to promote development and women´s rights.

UNU-GEST short courses on gender responsive budgeting are tailored to the needs of recipients, but following is a sample of different types of gender budgeting (GB) training offered:

        I.            Introduction of gender responsive budgeting. This short course introduces core concepts and underpinning principles for GB work, GB practices, policy processes, instruments, tools and strategies. Participants: Public officials, donors and other stakeholders planning GB.

      II.            Gender-based public finance reform review. This short course provides a platform for staff working on public finance reforms to implement GB in organizational processes to support different types of public finance reforms and performance assessments.   Participants: Officials, donors and consultants working on public performance assessments, public finance management reforms, and other ongoing projects and reforms.

    III.            Process assessments and mid-term reviews for gender responsive budgeting projects. This training is geared towards ongoing gender responsive budgeting efforts, and mid-term adaptation to programme implementation processes. Participants: Project staff and stakeholders

    IV.            Increasing the efficiency of gender responsive budgeting. Training and workshops bring different stakeholders together for strategy building; civil society, academics, public institutions etc. to identify procedures for joint efforts to increase the effectiveness of GB work. Participants: Training is designed for staff working on larger projects.

UNU-GEST also offers consultancy for international organizations, government institutions and donors on gender responsive budgeting and combination of capacity building and consultancy.


Elisabeth KlatzerCourse coordinator: Dr. Elisabeth Klatzer is a leading expert on gender budgeting and holds a PhD in economics from Vienna University and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Dr. Klatzer has worked on gender responsive budgeting projects and training programs in different parts of the world and is a lecturer at UNU-GEST in the module on practical tools for gender sensitive projects.