Men as Allies

UNU-GEST would like to offer the course Men as Allies with the objective to provide practical tools and critical insights on how to engage men and boys in promotion of gender justice and prevention of violence. The course would be tailored to the needs of practitioners and advocates who work in development, education or youth sector.

Objectives of the course:

  1. Increase understanding of how practices of patriarchal masculinities (of various kinds) sustain gender inequalities.
  2. Identify the conditions of male socialization that are fueling patriarchal masculinities and specify strategies for challenging and influencing patriarchal socialization of boys.
  3. Explore the wider societal processes through which we can shift patriarchal masculinities and work to promote more transformative/healthy masculinities.
  4. Investigate what activities and types of involvement can be done on various levels to address men as allies: grassroots mobilizing, government initiatives at all levels, strategies and policies etc.
  5. Offer strategies for building community support and advocacy with institutions, governments (local, regional, national) and development partners to adopt policies and scale up programmes that reinforce personal and social change.