RIKK & UNU-GEST Lecture Series

Last week, Dr. Edda Björk Þórðardóttir Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland opened the 2019 RIKK & UNU-GEST Lecture Series with her presentation “Trauma and its Health-Related Effects” at the National Museum of Iceland.

The lecture was well attended and focused on Dr. Edda Björk Þórðardóttir’s research on childhood trauma’s effect on both children’s and adults’ health in Iceland and abroad. She furthermore presented an extensive research project within the Faculty of Medicine in University of Iceland, “The History of Women’s Trauma”.

The RIKK & UNU-GEST Lecture Series for spring 2019 is focused on Gender, Health and Trauma. The lecturers are from a range of academic fields who will address the topic from various standpoints..

The Lecture Series is held in partnership with the National Museum of Iceland and the lectures are conducted in either English or Icelandic.