UNU-GEST Alumni 2017 Kevin Ogbajie: Two Months After Graduation

Kevin with his new colleagues at the Women's Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON)
Kevin with his new colleagues at the Women's Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON)
UNU-GEST is always excited to track down our alumni and catch up with them on the important work they are doing in their communities. Last year, UNU-GEST in collaboration with our alumni community drafted an alumni strategy, which sets out to create an international network of gender equality advocates enabling them to share their knowledge, practices and support each other in the fight for gender equality worldwide. Meeting like-minded people and evolving together is at least as much – if not more – important than gaining theoretical knowledge and practical tools. It is, therefore, a great pleasure for us to learn that former follows continue work in the area of gender equality after the programme, especially on their own initiative. This year’s graduate, Kevin Ekechukwu Ogbajie from Nigeria, seems to have been busy since his graduation. For his final assignment titled “Fish Farming Agribusiness: A Panacea to Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment in Nigeria” Kevin wrote a project proposal on how to introduce, train and equip rural women in the Bende area of Southeast Nigeria for aquaculture as an alternative means of livelihood and economic diversification while using an entrepreneurship approach.
Upon his return to his native Nigeria, our 2017 alumni rolled up his sleeves and started looking for opportunities to put his newly gained knowledge and skills to practice. Within a month he landed a volunteer Gender Equality Consultant’s position at the Women's Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON). WOCON was established in 1995 as a non-political and non-profit association committed to the enhancement of the status of women and based on feminist goals and ideals. The main objectives of this non-governmental, non-partisan and non-religious organisation, as stated in their Mission Statement, are the enforcement of women and children’s rights and the attainment of equality, development and peace in Nigeria. Since its inception, it has been engaged in various programs and activities for the enforcement of the rights of women and children, particularly the Girl Child education project in Nigeria. WOCON, which also holds a United Nations Special Consultative status. More information about the organisation is accessible on their website.
And this is not the only thing that Kevin has been up to since his departure from Iceland in late May; he also just launched a blog named Genus Mundi dedicated to gender equality issues in order to raise public awareness about the issues that women face in different areas of life in Nigeria and other developing countries. Kevin is keen on getting as many good quality entries as possible, and, hopefully, some of his fellow alumni will contribute to his blog. His first blog post focusing on supporting rural women’s access to agricultural finance in Nigeria is already online. If you would like to contribute to Kevin’s blog, do not hesitate to send him a line
UNU-GEST team would like to send our encouragement to Kevin and all of our alumni on their journey as gender equality advocates. We are extremely proud and grateful with our alumni community, who strive towards gender equality in all areas of life all around the world. We believe that the end goal can be achieved with people like Kevin and other alumni at the steering-wheel!