UNU-GEST alumni Kevin Ekechukwu Ogbajie was one of the Panellists at the World Youth Forum 2018

From 4th until the 10th November 2017, Egypt held the World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh and UNU-GEST alumni Kevin Ekechukwu Ogbajie was one of the Panellists attending, discussing innovative start-ups and entrepreneurship. Kevin gave a talk on the project proposal developed during his stay in Iceland, Fish Farming Agribusiness: A Panacea to Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment in Nigeria.

The objective of this project is to introduce, train and equip rural women in the Bende area of south-east Nigeria in aquaculture as an alternative means of livelihood and economic diversification, using an entrepreneurship approach. The overall goal is to alleviate rural poverty through the core objectives of increasing household income, food security, diversifying nutrition and agriculture, and increasing gender equality within rural communities through entrepreneurial empowerment of women aquaculturalists/ agriculturalists. The project will also support mitigation of water scarcity and provide access to clean, potable water. 

Kevin Ekechukwu Ogbajie graduated in 2017 from our post-graduate diploma programme in International Gender Studies. He is currently working as the National Gender Coordinator and Abuja FCT Project Coordinator for the Food Defense Corps in Nigeria. Simultaneously, Kevin volunteers with the Faces of Smiles Foundation Abuja as their gender equality specialist. In both organizations, his responsibility is to establish and ensure the gender sensitivity of all ongoing projects.