UNU-GEST Alumni Tereza Vujošević interviewed by two Montenegrin TV programmes

Tereza Vujošević who graduated from the UNU-GEST diploma programme in International Gender Equality Studies in May 2018, was invited to talk about her experiences in Iceland and issues regarding gender equality in her home country Montenegro on the leading TV programme “Journal at 19” on August 8th.  Vujošević gave insights into the differences between Montenegrin and Icelandic cultures and discussed the status of gender equality and youth activism in the two countries from a comparative perspective. In the interview, she also elaborated on the importance of her final assignment , which she worked on for five months as part of the UNU-GEST diploma programme. It dealt with the image of female entrepreneurs in contemporary Montenegro. She argues that entrepreneurship is one way for women to achieve fuller economic benefits and to achieve gender equality in all areas. Vujošević concluding remarks were the following:  “Montenegro still has a long way to go when it comes to gender related issues, but, in my opinion, we actually are on the right path”. To see the full interview, click here.

This wasn’t the first time Vujošević was interviewed following her graduation from the UNU-GEST programme. Earlier this summer, she gave a TV interview on “The Morning Program”, where she shared some of the experiences she gained from the study programme in Iceland and explained the personal motivation behind her advocacy for women’s rights.  Vujošević, further, discussed her future goals with respect to the gender equality struggle in Montenegro, stressing the importance of young people becoming active citizens and standing up for their rights. To see the full interview, click here.