UNU-GEST Director Gives a Talk at the first Nordic Science, Technology and Innovation Seminar on Women in Renewable Energy in Japan

UNU-GEST Director Dr. Irma Erlingsdóttir gave a lecture on women in the renewable energy sector entitled „Gender and Sustainability: the Role of Women in the Energy Sector“ at the first Nordic Science, Technology and Innovation (NORSTI) seminar in Japan, which was held at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo on 31 May 2017.  This seminar series is organized by the Embassies of Nordic countries in Japan. The focus of this first NORSTI seminar was on women in renewable energy to mark the occasion of the 10th Gender Summit „Better Science and Innovation through Gender“ held on 25­–26 May 2017  in Tokyo, which Dr. Irma Erlingsdóttir also attended on behalf of UNU-GEST. Other speakers were Dr. Miyoko Watanabe, the Debuty Director of the Japan Sciences and Technology Agencey (JST), the Director-General of Center for Science Communication and Director of Office for Diversity and Inclusion; Ms. Suiri Takizawa, a Process Engineer at JGC Corporation; and Ms. Mika Ohbayashi, the Director of the Renewable Energy Institute.  Dr. Watanabe talked about the promotion of participation of women in science and technology and presented a summary of the Gender Summit 10 and its recommendations. Ms. Ohbayashi spoke on the gender imbalance in the energy sector. And Ms. Takizawa recounted her experience of the Tohoku University Science Angels Program, founded in 2009, whose purpose is to support the next generation of female researchers.