Smart Gender Mainstreaming

Project title: Smart Gender Mainstreaming at the World Food Programme (SMART GEM)
Partners: UNU-GEST and World Food Programme
Timeframe: June through December 2018
Project leader: Milica Minic


UNU-GEST and WFP have teamed up for designing smart gender mainstreaming training intended for managers at WFP.

The project involves significant innovation in gender mainstreaming training through a gamifying component as well as addressing important capacity gaps within WFP. This initiative is framed within the capacity development activities on gender that are being implemented across WFP and supporting the implementation of the WFP Gender Policy and WFP’s Strategic Plan 2017-2021.

The training is be provided through smart phones, using game based learning methods, which represents an innovative approach that has been gaining increased esteem in today’s increasingly “on the go” and connected (through social media, e-mail, mobile apps etc.) lifestyle and work environment. This component fits well with WFP’s complex organizational structure, with operations and staff members dispersed over wide geographical and culturally diverse areas. The game based learning will engage staff members world-wide to interact, converse, come up with need-based training content and even compete against each other through social media mobile application provided through the project. 

Smart Gender Mainstreaming project will contribute to:

  1. Increased awareness of different needs of women and men, girls and boys, in the area of service provision.
  2. Facilitation of equal access to, and benefits from, food assistance programmes with regard to its users. 
  3. Increased capacity of WFP staff for gender sensitive design, implementation and monitoring of projects and activities. 
  4. Facilitation of increased participation of women and girls in decision-making.
  5. Increased awareness and understanding of gendered differences with regard to safety, dignity and integrity of women, men, girls and boys.